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Your skin also needs a good holiday this summer: Valiryo helps to care for it.

Roberto San Martín


At Valiryo we always try to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining good skin health. With the arrival of summer also comes the good weather, the heat, the increased hours of sunshine, outdoor activities and trips to the beach. All this has an impact on our skin that we must take into account.

Summer is the time of year when our skin suffers the most dehydration, although it may seem strange to us. The high temperatures, the salinity of the sea, the chlorine in the swimming pool and air conditioning are some of the factors that cause this to happen.

This is why many professionals recommend increased hydration during these months of the year.

Speaking of the influence of summer on our skin, we cannot forget the skin’s greatest enemy in summer, the sun. Although the sun can bring great benefits, overexposure to solar radiation can cause redness, itching or flaking, as well as long-term negative effects such as photoaging or even skin cancer.

This becomes a risk factor for people with sensitive or sensitised skin (with scars, after medical-aesthetic treatments, tattoos, etc.).

It is important to take all this into account when taking care of our skin, as we may need to moisturise it more than during the rest of the year. We can protect ourselves with a good sunscreen, use a constant moisturising cream or lotion or use special treatments for dry skin.

We recommend you try the innovative drying experience offered by Valiryo Body Dryer. With its patented technology, Valiryo offers you a form of air drying that, avoiding the friction of the towel and using the air and humidity of the environment, manages to dry you while moisturising your skin. Valiryo Body Dryer can become your best ally in these dry summer days, together with your creams or other treatments.

It is important that drying complements everything else. That is to say that you also continue to moisturise your skin with creams and that you use sunscreen to protect it. Valiryo does not prevent damage that can be caused by high temperatures, solar radiation or salt water. Valiryo Body Dryer helps you to care for and moisturise your skin with a different way of drying. If at any time you notice a burn, irritation, rashes or any other more severe symptoms, we recommend that you consult a professional or doctor.

If you would like more information about Valiryo Body Dryer, please write to info@valiryo.com and we will answer any questions you may have.