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Valiryo Body Dryer: The ideal drying solution for people with mobility or balance issues

Roberto San Martín

Valiryo is an entirely new experience of relaxation in the bathroom – and the ideal complement to our daily shower routine that lets our body benefit in multiple ways. But Valiryo not only favours smoother skin, relaxed muscles and a more hygienic drying process. It is also a means for people with reduced mobility to be more independent in their everyday life. By making use of our fully autonomous body dryer, stretching or other exhausting, dangerous movements are no longer necessary in order to effectively dry.

A means for people with reduced mobility to regain privacy and independence

Throughout life, anyone might someday find himself in a situation where, for various reasons, the own mobility is temporarily or even permanently reduced. The causes can be diverse, reaching from accidents via illnesses and diseases through to simply age related factors. In any case, as a direct consequence, people are oftentimes depending on the help of others. In the case of drying after the shower, for example, this turns out to be not only difficult but also quite unpleasant for those affected.

Conventional drying with towels not only requires a certain level of arm mobility but also sufficient agility to bend down and dry the lower extremities of the body. If this is not the case, people can expose themselves to great danger – especially in a wet environment such as the shower cabin, where every wrong movement can quickly result in falling over.

And this is where Valiryo comes into play: Installed directly inside the shower cabin (IP56 protection-rated[1]), our highly automatic full-body dryer can be of great help for people with any kind of movement or balance issues. All they have to do is stand in front of the device and gradually turn around, so the pleasantly warm air stream can reach all parts of their body. Tedious movements or bending over are no longer necessary, and the risk of accidentally slipping is hence greatly reduced.

Small adjustments make Valiryo also perfectly suitable for people in wheelchairs

Similarly, Valiryo is an effective resource for people bound to wheelchairs, that is, who cannot stand upright during their daily hygiene routine. The realization is quite simple: People just sit on conventional so-called shower stools and let the dryer do the rest. The only assistance needed is to vary the relative seating position such that the air stream meets the body from different angles. For maximum efficiency, the upper diffusers of the device can be easily covered so that the air is expelled only by those vents needed.

Interior of the bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly people in the bathroom

A unique combination of safety, hygiene and relaxation – made for everyone

Properly drying is of utmost importance not only for maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin but also a high standard of hygiene. Valiryo and its pleasantly warm, silver-ionized air stream enable us to do both – while at the same time increasing the safety in the wet area significantly. And since it can be installed directly inside the shower cabin, the whole transition between showering and drying is facilitated tremendously.

Our goals since day one was to make those advantages available to everyone, regardless of age, health condition, or preferences. And since Valiryo also greatly benefits our environment compared to conventional drying, it is definitely here to stay!

[1] The IP56-classification guarantees the complete waterproofness of our device.