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Thanks to Valiryo Body Dryer you can reduce your water consumption and the waste you generate.

Roberto San Martín


Have you ever stopped to think about all that goes into washing a towel? You probably haven’t. It is true that in homes where only a few people live, towels are usually washed together with the rest of the clothes. But in the case of larger family units, residences or hotels, the periodic washing of towels becomes very common, causing water and energy consumption to increase considerably.

Added to this first factor is the spillage of detergents that we use when doing a wash. These chemical products pollute the water that leaves our house. Therefore, we are not only talking about the fact that washing towels is an energy waste, but also about the discharge of polluting waste into the water itself.

Taking advantage of the fact that this Sunday was World Plastic Reduction Day, we also wanted to write about the importance of reducing our waste disposal and our impact on the ecosystem.

With Valiryo Body Dryer you can achieve significant energy savings and reduce water consumption and pollution. This is particularly evident in business facilities such as hotels, spas and gyms.

Valiryo uses the same amount of energy as many of the household appliances we use in our homes. However, it does not use any water and, with responsible use, represents a significant energy saving.

At Valiryo we are constantly working to improve the product and make it more efficient. One of the reasons for the birth of the company is to develop a useful, innovative and socially beneficial product. That is why we want to remind you that every act, no matter how small, can have a big impact.