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Valiryo Body Dryer: Growing to make people’s lives easier

Roberto San Martín

Valiryo is an engineering and technology company that was born with a very clear objective: to make people’s lives easier. In this case, by making the drying process safer and more pleasant. But how did we get here?

Valiryo arose from the need to develop a product or service that could help the lives of many people. We are a very young company, but we started to take our first steps in 2005. That year the current CEOs of the company, Ion Esandi and Patxi Fabo decided to join forces to apply their knowledge in engineering and telecommunications. Their first project was to develop technologies to help adapt the automotive sector to people with disabilities playing a role in it. A very important word has already emerged: ADAPT. This would be the germ of everything we have developed so far.

After this first start, without Valiryo being created yet, Ion and Patxi went through different stages before creating the company we know. In 2009 they decided to join forces and take all their knowledge to other companies and industries, acting as a consulting firm. Without ever losing the direction of their mission and betting on products that promote universal accessibility.

In 2015 they founded the company we know today, Valiryo Technologie S.L. and fulfilled a long dream: to design, develop, manufacture and finally launch their first own product on the market, Valiryo Body Dryer, which not only made the life of others easier and more comfortable but was designed to be sustainable.

Like many other companies, Valiryo struggled with financing, production and product patents. But this did not stop Ion and Patxi’s efforts.

In 2019 Valiryo established its first joint venture, Valiryo GmbH in Germany. Based in South Hess, the company is responsible for representing the Valiryo brand in the German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Since then, Valiryo has been present in various countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, France and Turkey.

After having established several international distribution agreements, Valiryo plans to create new companies in different countries in the near future, thus turning the global vision for Valiryo into reality, step by step. Always, without forgetting the objective with which Valiryo Body Dryer was born.