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Valiryo Body Dryer: Discover a new Drying Experience

Roberto San Martín

Valiryo is an innovative body drying device that revolutionizes our known way of drying. Easily installable directly inside the shower cabin of one’s own four walls, it replaces the towel with a skin-nourishing, antibacterial and exceptionally pleasant air stream. Harmful towel friction and challenging movements on wet ground? Finally a thing of the past! With Valiryo, all one has to do is relax and enjoy the moment – while the dryer does the rest.

Exclusively developed by our engineering team in Europe, Valiryo features a unique and patented technology providing an even flow of air throughout its 27 diffusers. The sophisticated “S”-shaped panel provides for an efficient drying process from head to toe that only takes around three minutes on average. For a truly customized feel-good experience, one can choose between 16 different and storable combinations of air temperature and intensity. Optionally, an integrated motion sensor ensures the full autonomy of the device.

A more natural, efficient and hygienic way of body drying

Generally, it can be said that we do not attribute our daily drying process the importance it deserves. To prevent fungus and various other skin conditions, it is important to avoid residual moisture on our skin. On the other hand, excessive towel rubbing is considered very harmful, as it deprives our skin of its moisture and promotes infectious diseases. That is exactly where Valiryo comes into play: By drying our body more naturally, it ensures an efficient, hygienic and gentle process, all at the same time. One typically observes a smoother and more hydrated skin after only a few applications.


In addition to that, Valiryo also helps to improve our general feeling of well-being. The science behind it is pretty simple: The warm air emitted by the dryer’s air diffusers promotes muscular blood flow and oxygenation, leading to enhanced relaxation of the body’s muscular system. And as we all know, a relaxed body also helps in relaxing the mind and reduces our level of stress considerably.

Sustainability and further benefits of innovation

As already stated, Valiryo comes along with quite an impressive number of benefits compared to the use of conventional towels. Apart from prolonging the relaxing experience of the daily shower, it offers a more gentle and hygienic way of body drying and greatly reduces the risk of slipping and falling. This makes Valiryo ideal and often essential equipment for many people around the world.


But Valiryo also has a positive impact on a completely different level, namely the protection of our environment. Thanks to its energy-efficient electrical engine, Valiryo operates very sustainably. Not only does frequent usage result in financial savings over time – avoiding the regular washing and drying of one’s towels also preserves precious environmental resources to a considerable degree. This becomes even more pronounced in places such as hotels, spas, gyms, nursing homes or hospitals. That is, facilities where the number of regularly used towels amounts to tremendous numbers.

One product, multiple meaningful advantages

Valiryo is of great help and a real innovation in many different areas of everyday life. It is the ideal drying solution not only for those seeking wellness and relaxation at home but also an essential piece of Interieur for people suffering from limited mobility or any kind of skin disease. Moreover, it helps in preserving both financial and environmental resources and might be the one distinguishing element for environmental-conscious businesses.

Also, Valiryo Body Dryer has a lot of benefits for hotels. As we have said in other posts Valiryo offers you economic savings, a new pleasant experience for your guests and an environmental compromise.

If you want to become one of the many people already enjoying the benefits of Valiryo, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to assist you personally. You can simply write an e-mail to: info@valiryo.com