Make a difference - for yourself or your customers

A new and unique experience

Valiryo features a pioneering and state of the art technology, developed to improve our daily lives in many ways.

A product for everybody

The Valiryo Body Dryer is a product of great versatility both in terms of its applications and the people who can benefit from it. Regardless of your objective, your responsibility or your position – Valiryo could be your solution.


Novelty and comfort make the difference

The hospitality sector is constantly striving to set new standards by improving the comfort of its guests. VALIRYO, being innovative, affordable, elegant and easy to install, is a highly appealing accessory and provides considerable economic and environmental savings over time.


The missing piece in the wellness puzzle

Sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish, steam bath… either way, VALIRYO is the perfect finish to any wellness journey. The sheer novelty and the respective additional wellness experience make it an undeniably attractive product for this sector.


A unique selling point

The gym and fitness market, is highly competitive. Being able to offer innovative and high-quality equipment such as VALIRYO might not only enhance your member’s experience per se, but also set you apart you from your competition.


Enhancing your everyday life

While being a neat and elegant eye-catcher in every modern bathroom, VALIRYO enables the user to dry himself in the space of minutes – without having to leave the shower cabin. Besides, it is super easy to install and there’s no need for regular maintenance.


Making life a bit easier again

VALIRYO provides intimacy and independence to people incapable of properly drying themselves due to age or (temporary) disability. Moreover, it increases safety as there is no need to make demanding movements in wet areas of the bathroom anymore.


A new and one-of-a-kind accessory

Architects, interior designers, decorators and other professionals can now count on VALIRYO to enhance the satisfaction of their clients with an innovative and luxurious product that practically fits any modern interior style.

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