About us

In 2005, two young telecommunications engineers (Ion Esandi and Patxi Fabo), joined forces to work on projects developing technology systems for the automotive industry that assisted workers with intellectual disabilities to do a job with a 100% quality guarantee.

Later on, in 2009, they founded their own company, to be able to offer solutions to other Industrial segments and people.

In 2015, after several years of offering consulting services in design and development of products, they created a new entity (Lifeak S.L.) to realize their first big Hardware project:

To design, develop, manufacture and ultimately market an automated full-body drying device that not only has great benefits for the health and wellbeing of various groups of people, but also for the environment.

With Mr. Esandi leading this new and ambitious company, Lifeak S.L. has managed to overcome innumerable obstacles in finance, development and design, manufacture and marketing, let alone the tremendous efforts to patent and certify the product.
And since they were only limited resources available, sheer dedication, enthusiasm and a step by step-approach were the driving forces that ultimately made the dream of marketing the product globally become a reality.

By the end 2018, Valiryo started a first joint venture in Germany in order to build up local sales and local marketing structures creating a presence in one of the world’s largest markets.

In 2019, the Valiryo GmbH was founded. The companies operational office is located about 60km south of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and responsible for establishing the brand of Valiryo in the whole of Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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