One for many

VALIRYO – for an entirely new post-shower feeling.
With our hands-free drying method we strive after turning a tedious, for some even painful and exhausting, though inevitable process into a skin- & eco- friendly expirience one looks foward to.
Treat yourself – don’t let the relaxation end earlier than necessary.

PRACTICAL - Body Dryer - Valiryo


HEALTHY - Body Dryer - Valiryo


HIGIENIC - Body Dryer - Valiryo


ECOLOGICAL - Body Dryer - Valiryo


Valiryo, El masaje de aire cálido que relaja tu cuerpo y tu mente.

More than just hands-free drying

Aiming at revolutionizing the traditional way of drying.
For those bothered, those beeing harmed, those that are challenged & those simply seeking wellness after showering.
For a brighter, greener future.


Your physical & mental well-being is what we care about.
This is how VALIRYO can contribute.

Valiryo & Solidarity: “Butterfly Skin”

Epidermolysis bullosa, also known as “Butterfly Skin”, is a rare genetic disease whose main characteristic is an extreme skin fragility. By using Valiryo, the harming friction between towel and skin is avoided.
It thereby protects the skin and contributes to the welfare of the people affected. Valiryo collaborates with DEBRA Association (Butterfly Skin Association) and offers special rates to its members. Please feel free to contact us if you suffer from this disease or you know someone who does.

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