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Save money using Valiryo

Roberto San Martín


Valiryo body dryer generates countless benefits for large hotels. We have already talked about some of them in this blog, but today we are going to focus on the economic savings that this new product means for a hotel.

The use of Valiryo in hotels aims to achieve a progressive reduction in the use of towels. These establishments consume a lot for each towel they have to wash. This means hiring a laundry company and renewing towels every few months to ensure good hygiene for their customers.

More and more hotels are reducing the frequency with which they replace towels in the rooms and many are now asking the customer to use them responsibly.

Valiryo’s body dryer offers a solution to reduce these costs for hotels. By offering almost complete drying to the user, it would greatly reduce the cost of towels. This would translate into less money spent on laundry and the purchase of new towels. In addition, our body dryer only requires an initial investment in the purchase of the product, as it does not require regular maintenance and is made of high quality, durable materials so that the likelihood of damage or failure is even lower.


Financial savings in figures

The use of towels involves a series of recurring expenses for hotels and other types of tourist accommodation, such as laundry costs (which include both the process itself and transport costs), the cost of renewing towels due to wear and tear, and even the loss of towels due to theft by customers.

According to calculations from different studies, the average cost of cleaning and drying each kg of towel is 1.30 euros, to which must be added the cost of transport, which is stipulated at 0.20 euros. Furthermore, the average cost of each towel, depending on its weight, is between €3 and €4. Based on these figures, and taking into account the reduction in the use of towels brought about by the installation of Valiryo, a hotel with 100 rooms could save between 50,000 and 70,000 euros per year.

If you want to know more about Valiryo body dryer there are already several blog posts about its benefits and features. You can also write to info@valiryo.com