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Increase your customers' comfort

Valiryo Wellness

Valiryo is a new drying experience that prolongs the sensation of wellbeing in the shower through an air massage adjustable in intensity and temperature. It is an extra-flat column that is installed inside the shower so that users come out of the shower completely dry and relaxed.

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A new service for your customers

Valiryo is the perfect end to your spa or pool session as it will allow you to leave completely dry and without wet towels in your bag. Increase the comfort of your facilities with an innovative service that will also save you time and money.


That relaxes your body and mind

Valiryo prolongs your well-being by reducing your stress level as it promotes blood flow to your muscles, relaxing them and increasing their elasticity. In addition, by drying yourself with Valiryo you avoid uncomfortable post-workout sweating.


Greater comfort and hygiene

With Valiryo you will ensure that your customers dry themselves easily and correctly, avoiding skin conditions, which they will also feel softer and more hydrated.  Improve the wellness experience of your facilities and get more happy customers.

Very easy to install and connect

No maintenance required

Highly durable and easy to clean

Highly resistant; vandal-resistant

Antibacterial treatment

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More advantages of Valiryo

Increased cleanliness in the facilities

Customers can emerge from wet areas completely dry, thus increasing cleanliness and safety and preventing slipping.

Saves time and reduces the use of towels

Valiryo quickly pays for itself by drastically reducing the need to clean the changing room and the use of towels.

Increase your environmental commitment

Valiryo prolongs the feeling of well-being in the shower by increasing customer comfort. More comfort means better reviews.

Facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility

Valiryo helps people with reduced mobility to dry themselves independently and safely, without aggressive movements.

Forget about drying yourself with a towel by making aggressive movements in front of other people and then putting your wet towel in the bag. With Valiryo you’ll come out dry and ready to go home without breaking that feeling of well-being you get after a hard training session or relaxing at the spa

Ion Esandi
CEO of Valiryo

Wellness Centres, Spa's, thermal baths

Gyms, sports clubs and swimming pools

Beauty salons, beauty treatments and tanning salons

Changing rooms in universities, institutes, schools and colleges

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If you are interested in purchasing Valiryo for your tourist establishment, please fill in this form and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can write directly to info@valiryo.com