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Surprise your customers with Valiryo

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Valiryo is a new drying experience that prolongs the sensation of well-being in the shower through an air massage that can be adjusted in intensity and temperature. It is an extra-flat column that is installed inside the shower so that you come out of it totally dry and relaxed.

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Increase the comfort of your facilities

Valiryo offers your customers an innovative drying experience that relaxes their muscles, moisturises their skin and reduces their stress, ideal for installation in the shower area of the rooms as well as in the common areas (gym, spa, etc.).


Great savings in laundry costs

The body dryer will allow you to reduce the use of towels as much as possible, as the customer will not need to use them to dry themselves, thus saving time and money. In this way, the investment in Valiryo will quickly pay for itself.


Enviromentally committed hotel

Environmental commitment is increasingly becoming a differentiating and decisive element for many customers. With Valiryo you can boast of reducing both CO2 and water consumption and avoiding the discharge of detergents and other chemicals.

Very easy to install and connect

No maintenance required

Highly durable and easy to clean

Highly resistant; vandal-resistant

Antibacterial treatment

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More advantages of Valiryo...

Increased cleanliness in the facilities

Customers can leave wet areas completely dry, increasing cleanliness and safety by preventing slipping.

Rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility

Valiryo helps people with reduced mobility to dry themselves independently and safely, without aggressive movements.

Innovative element that makes the difference

Valiryo is an innovative gadget that attracts attention and can be advertised as a differentiating element from your competitors.

Best customer reviews

Valiryo prolongs the feeling of well-being in the shower by increasing customer comfort. More comfort means better reviews.

The environmental benefit was one of the main points for us when we developed Valiryo. And today our greatest satisfaction is when a hotel manager tells us how much time, water and electricity Valiryo saves them.

Ion Esandi
CEO of Valiryo

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Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels

Paradors, Hotels and Rural Houses, Campsites

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