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The After Shower Experience

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More efficient and hygienic body drying

Complete drying is essential to avoid the development of infections or fungal diseases on the skin. Valiryo ensures exactly that while drying the user in as little as three minutes.


Dry yourself in a safer and more natural way!

Dry yourself effortlessly and more naturally without the need to make aggressive rubbing movements with the towel. You will increase your safety and avoid slipping and falling!


A new relaxing experience in your home

Extend the comfort of your shower with a relaxing air massage that dries you completely and leaves you ready to continue with your routine, leaving your skin feeling softer and more hydrated!

Good for you...

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Valiryo takes in the ambient air, which is very humid at the time, and blows it over your body.

Help for people with reduced mobility

Valiryo takes in the ambient air, which is very humid at the time, and blows it over your body.

The solution for people with skin conditions

There are several skin diseases for which towel friction is harmful.

Promotes muscle blood flow

Valiryo relaxes your muscles, increases their elasticity, and thus reduces stress contractures.

Valiryo has an efficient electric motor (0.143 kWh per use) that achieves both economic and environmental savings by reducing the amount of electricity and water required to wash towels. It also avoids contamination of the water with soaps and detergents.

...and for our planet

Customer feedback

Carlos Rodríguez


Madrid, Spain

“Finally the installation was very easy for me. I have installed it inside the shower as recommended and now I can get out of the shower completely dry so I no longer wet the floor and can quickly get dressed without the hassle of drying myself with a towel.”

Michaela Keech


Dallas, USA

"Once you get used to Valiryo it is difficult to dry yourself with a towel again. It's a very relaxing experience and it's true that my skin feels much softer afterwards. I have a small beauty salon and I am recommending it to all my clients."

Leigh O´Sullivan


Green Point, Australia

"My husband has a degenerative disease and Valiryo is a great help to him. Even for me, because at a certain age it becomes more and more difficult to bend down or lift your leg. I think Valiryo is very necessary for everyone".