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Valiryo and the air massage it gives count with a great variety of potential clients. Valiryo improves the condition of your skin, it is environmentally friendly and it reduces the risk of slipping in your bathroom.

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Have Valiryo at home

Valiryo is ideal for all ages, gender and phisical condition. It is possible to enjoy the benefits that Valiryo brings at the intimacy of your home.

Valiryo is very easy to install in any bathroom (inside or outside the shower).

Welness centers, hotels,
architecture and design

Businesses that offer relaxing services can upgrade their facilities with Valiryo. Our product is a selling point, because the air massage it gives complements very well the other services offered by these facilities.

Hotels take great care in their design and wellness offer. Here is where Valiryo also provides and outstanding user experience, due to its elegance, comfort and sophistication it proves to be a great partner for the contract sector.


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