About us

A message from our founder

We, Lifeak S.L. originally founded as a consulting agency for companies focused on practicability and user-friendliness, introduced our first very first product with the Valiryo Body Dryer.

With the VALIRYO we developed a highly sophisticated and efficient full-body drying device that combines the aspects of luxury, pracitcabillity and sustainability in an unprecedented manner. Since VALIRYO was launched in 2014, the Valiryo family is ever growing. Our constant strive to improve and all the efforts to offer the most developed product on the market have borne fruit. Today we are proud to say that VALIRYO is now recognized and enjoyed in many countries across the globe. We believe that this success is not least due to the great versatility of our product. May it be by (re)gaining privacy, comfort or pleasure after showering, the opportunity to pioneer with state of the art technology or the proactive contribution to more efficiency and sustainability – the Valiryo Body Dryer manages to create a very own use case for any individual. Regardless if you’re a private household looking to ease or enhance your after-shower-experience or a business aiming at maximizing your customers satisfaction, this entirely new and unique feeling of health and wellness will help you achieve that goal.

Since 2019 we are also represented in Germany as Valiryo GmbH iG. With this new partnership we hope to further promote our global expansion plans while simultaneously developing further products compliant with our values of sustainability, health and efficiency.

Ion Esandi Mateo The Managing Director of Valiryo
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