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The air massage that
relaxes both body and mind

Valiryo warm air massage is a unique relaxing experience. The air blown by its air vents creates a pleasant feeling from head to toes. Due to Valiryo’s design the user can choose between 16 different modes regulating both temperature and air speed.
Enjoy the Valiryo experience and extend your pleasure time from shower to drying.
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PRACTICAL - Body Dryer - Valiryo


You will leave your shower totally dry.

HEALTHY - Body Dryer - Valiryo


More hidrated and smoother skin, as you will be avoiding the friction drying with your towel.

HIGIENIC - Body Dryer - Valiryo


Your body will be safe from all the bacteria and germs that remain in the towels. Besides, Valiryo has an anti-bacteria treatment.

ECOLOGIC - Body Dryer - Valiryo


Environmentally-friendly product, as you will be saving all the energy and water required to wash and dry the towels.

SPECIFIC - Body Dryer - Valiryo


Especially indicated for people with reduced mobility and severe skin issues.

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Valiryo, El masaje de aire cálido que relaja tu cuerpo y tu mente.

a new concept of body care

An innovative concept reaches the field of personal care providing relaxation, hygiene, smoothness and hydration for the skin. Air therapy is the achievement of relaxation through a massage of warm air throughout the body. Increase your quality of life with Valiryo air therapy, an elegant, attractive, sophisticated device, and easy and quick to install in any bathroom.

Valiryo Solidario: “Piel de mariposa”

Valiryo & Solidarity: “Butterfly Skin”

Epidermolysis bullosa also known as “Butterfly Skin” is a rare genetic disease. Its main characteristic is an extreme fragility in the skin. Valiryo avoids the friction between towel and skin, protects the skin and contributes to the welfare of the people affected by this disease. Valiryo collaborates with DEBRA Asociation (Butterfly Skin Association) offering special rates to its members. Please contact with us if you suffer from this disease or you know someone who does.

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