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Increase safety in the shower with Valiryo

Roberto San Martín


Valiryo body dryer offers a totally innovative and comfortable drying experience. More and more people are opting for this new way of drying themselves after a shower. Not only because of the feeling of well-being it offers, but also because of the safety of avoiding movements in the shower during the drying process.

According to some studies, a large percentage of domestic accidents occur in the bathroom. This is due to various factors such as the slippery surface due to moisture in the bathroom. However, another important factor is drying. When drying ourselves with a towel we have to position ourselves in different ways, sometimes balancing. This becomes a really challenging task and a great risk for people with different pathologies that affect their mobility.

Most of the falls that occur in this area are due to slips during the drying process as the towel often forces us to balance and make unnatural movements on a wet surface. The inclusion of Valiryo minimises the risk of falls as there is no need to make aggressive movements and it also dries the floor. As we have already mentioned, Valiryo is an essential element for many people who, due to age or mobility problems, are unable to dry themselves independently.


With Valiryo body dryer you can avoid all these situations that endanger your health. In previous posts, we have already commented on the dangers to the health of poor hygiene maintenance of towels. In this one, we focus more on the risks of falling during drying. Valiryo avoids risks such as falling in the shower.

How this is achieved is easy to explain: by using a body dryer you avoid making exaggerated movements to dry yourself. In addition, if you have mobility problems, this option can be a good solution to gain independence when showering. More and more people with certain illnesses and handicaps are opting for our body dryer to completely change their shower experience and gain personal independence.

With this way of drying, you hardly have to move, which reduces the risk of slipping in the bathroom. Together we can change this existing reality for many people.

We encourage you to try the Valiryo body dryer on our website https://valiryo.com/es/inicio/  and in our online shop. If you would like to receive more information about Valiryo do not hesitate to write to info@valiryo.com