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How to Easily Install Valiryo in Any Bathroom

Roberto San Martín

We are oftentimes asked about the installation process of Valiryo. Let us start by telling you it’s really simple – comparable to hanging a mirror with some kind of lighting. It is therefore not necessary to make any significant alterations to your bathroom, let alone wait for renovation work before you can start enjoying our revolutionary way of body drying.

The first thing you need to decide on is the right place for Valiryo. Generally speaking, there are two options that make the electrical connection process slightly different:

1. Installation of Valiryo directly inside the shower cabin
Valiryo is IP56-classified and hence certified to be used in wet areas such as your shower. In fact, in order for you to enjoy the best possible experience, we recommend an installation directly inside the shower cabin. In this case, the device is normally connected to the domestic electrical system through the false ceiling of the bathroom. This is not a big deal and something every electrician should easily be able to do. If you have the required knowledge, your can of course also do it yourself.

2. Installation anywhere outside the shower cabin
If you decide to place Valiryo somewhere else, Valiryo is simply plugged in like a conventional electrical appliance. By the way: We also offer specific gadgets that allow you to use Valiryo outside, e.g. a cover to protect it from permanent insolation.

Versatile: The Valiryo Body Dryer can be installed anywhwere – in- or outside the house.

Maximum support, minimum effort

The complete installation process of Valiryo is explained step by step in the user manual included in every delivery and it is also available for download from our website. In addition, to make it even easier for you, a template is included showing you where to drill the necessary holes for hanging the column. Even though Valiryo is fairly light (it weighs 9.8 kg), it has a significant size, which is why we recommend to carry out the installation in twos.

The following video shows ​how Valiryo is installed and connected to the mains. If you want to install it directly inside the shower cabin, our guide for electricians explains how to connect it directly to the house installation.

The recommended dimensions for the installation of Valiryo are: 230 x 32 x 25 cm. Normally, it is placed 10 cm above the floor so that the lower diffusers can dry the feet in an optimal way. If the aforementioned height is not available, the recommended space between the device and the floor can be reduced.

Valiryo can adapt to any country’s main power supply

Valiryo operates at a maximum power of 2800 W and must hence be connected to 220-240 V, which is the usual voltage in the vast majority of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. However, in American countries – the United States, Mexico or Brazil, among others – 110 V to 120 V are conventional.

Therefore, we also offer a detailed guide explaining how to connect Valiryo in each respective country. By following this guide, the installation is compliant to all requirements and ensures maximum safety as well as a normal operation. Fell free to ask us for specific information about your country any time at info@valiryo.com.