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The After Shower Experience

Valiryo body dryer

Valiryo offers you a new drying experience that relaxes your body and mind. Say goodbye to towels and dry yourself more effectively and safely through an air massage adjustable in intensity and temperature. Extend your moment of shower relaxation while you feel your skin softened and moisturized.

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Developed in Europe by an engineering company

Relaxing & Vitalizing

Promotes muscular blood flow and skin hydration

Easy installation

No significant alterations to the bathroom are necessary

Eco friendly

Saves lots of water and energy compared to the use of towels


Makes drying safer and less challenging for people with reduced mobility

More efficient and hygienic body drying

Complete drying is essential to avoid the development of infections or fungal diseases on the skin. Valiryo ensures exactly that while drying the user in as little as three minutes.

Dry yourself in a safer and more natural way!

Dry yourself effortlessly and more naturally without the need to make aggressive rubbing movements with the towel. You will increase your safety and avoid slipping and falling!

A new relaxing experience in your home

Extend the comfort of your shower with a relaxing air massage that dries you completely and leaves you ready to continue with your routine, leaving your skin feeling softer and more hydrated!

Motion Sensor

Valiryo features an optional motion sensor that activates the device upon approach. It switches off automatically after the drying time has elapsed.

Intuitive control panel

It can be chosen between sixteen different combinations of air temperature and intensity. The lower the intensity, the higher the maximum temperature.

27 Air diffusers

With respect to the chosen combination of temperature and intensity, the air flow is homogeneous along the 27 diffusers – ensuring an efficient drying from head to toe.

Greater autonomy and privacy

Valiryo allows people with some kind of limitation or mobility problem to dry themselves independently and without the need for their privacy to be invaded by needing the help of other people.

Not aggressive to your skin

Our body dryer is the solution for many people who due to different skin conditions (ulcers, epidermolysis bullosa, atopic dermatitis…) it is not advisable to use a towel due to the friction involved.

A great investment for hotels

Valiryo allows great economic savings by greatly reducing laundry costs by not having to wash towels. In addition, you increase the cleanliness of the rooms and show your commitment to the environment.

A new service in gyms, spas or residences

Valiryo is the perfect and relaxing end to your spa or gym session as it will allow you to leave completely dry and without wet towels in your bag. Drying is easier and more accessible to everyone, with great advantages also for hospitals, nursing homes…

Valiryo body dryer

Size:  218 cm x 29,5 cm
85.43 in x 11.61 in

Depth:  2,8 cm (column up to 170 cm)
1.1 in (column up to 66.92 in)

Weight:  9,8 Kg (5,5 casing + 4,3 column)
21.61 lbs (12.12 casing + 9.47 column)

Packaging:  2,1 Kg (4.63 lbs)


Power: 2870 W
Engine Speed: 5000 rpm
Voltage: 220-240 V ~50-60 Hz
Intensity: 12 A
Consumption: 0,143 kWh (use at maximum temperature)

Material: ABS + PMMA anti-vandal
Treatment: anti-bacterial with Silver Ions

No. of diffusers: 27
Air Speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)

Temperature of Use: 5 – 40 °C (41 – 104 °F)
Heat emitted: 32 °C (89,6 °F) above ambient temperature*

Recommended installation: inside the shower area
Index Water Protection: IP56

Drying Time: approximately 3 minutes
Sound: 69 dB (a modern dryer produces 85 dB)

*Temperature and speed variation between upper
and lower diffuser: < 2 %

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Do you want to count on Valiryo in your business?

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Valiryo has important benefits for tourism, leisure and healthcare companies as it allows them to offer an easier and more hygienic way of drying to their customers (adapted to people with mobility problems) with great economic and environmental savings by avoiding having to wash towels.

If you are interested in acquiring Valiryo for your business (hotel or tourist accommodation, sports or health centre) please fill in this form and our sales team in the area will contact you as soon as possible.

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