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European Skin Cancer Prevention Day: Don’t miss it!

Roberto San Martín


Valiryo was born out of the need to contribute something beneficial to society. And that is what we try to do day after day. Not only with our product but also through our social networks and the information we share on our blog.

Today we celebrate European Day for the Prevention of Skin Cancer. Although skin cancer is an increasingly well-known disease, there is still a lack of awareness about what it is and what factors influence its appearance.

Skin cancer is a type of cancer that develops mainly on the areas of the body that are most exposed to the sun, although other factors can also play a role and affect other areas that are not so exposed. You can identify it by symptoms such as ulcers, scabs or red nodules, among many others. Early detection of these symptoms is very important for the confrontation of this disease.

Furthermore, skin cancer can occur in three different types: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

According to the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, skin cancer is a disease that is spreading rapidly across Europe. 1.71% of adults suffer from skin cancer, reaching 7.3 million people in Europe alone. This fact has led more and more countries to start giving more importance to skin health.

We must not forget that the skin is just another organ of our body and, as such, it can get sick. We do not usually give it the importance it deserves, but this increase in cases of skin cancer shows the importance of skin care. From good nutrition for the skin to provide it with good protection against the sun.

In these cases, although Valiryo cannot cure skin cancer, it can be very beneficial in reducing the chances of suffering from it and alleviating the discomfort it causes. The Valiryo Body Dryer allows you to dry your body naturally and pleasantly, avoiding the friction of the towel. In addition, it favours skin nourishment and care.

Remember that with cancer, the most important thing is to detect it as early as possible. That is why we recommend that you see a doctor if you detect any of the symptoms.

Valiryo can alleviate the discomfort on your skin and prevent conditions like this, so don’t hesitate to choose the Valiryo Body Dryer to try its new drying experience and avoid the discomfort of the friction of the towel.