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The newest and most versatile Innovation in wellness and sanitary

For yourself, your clients and guests, or your patients

The Valiryo Body Dryer is a product of great versatility.

Our full body dryer features a pioneering and state-of-the-art-technology, developed to improve our daily lives in many ways. It is a product of great versatility both in terms of its applications and the people who can benefit from it.

While the Valiryo Body Dryeris a an elegant and highly useful piece of interieur in every household’s bathroom, there are several other use cases that go beyond the private use. May it be hotels, spas or gyms – Valiryo improves your clients’ experience in unprecedented ways and might be the one innovative and unique element that distinguishes your business from the others.

Areas of Use

But not only in the fields of wellness and spa is Valiryo Body Dryer considered a sweeping revolution. Also, a growing number of hospitals and care homes around the globe are making use of the body dryer’s hygienic and autonomous operation. On the one hand, patients can thereby benefit from regained privacy and independence in their everyday life which clearly enhances the overall life quality. On the other, your personnel is relieved from time-consuming routine work and can hence spend their resources more effectively.
In combination with significantly reduced energy consumption, Valiryo thus helps to position your institution in an efficient and future-oriented way.

For more information regarding partnerships, business use, or distribution please contact us directly at info@valiryo.com or via the contact form. You might also want to take a look at our leaflets.

Our clients bet on sustainability, efficiency and innovation. An enhanced customer experience and content guests are the natural result.