Valiryo – the body dryer that contributes to a healthier environment

Roberto San Martín

Among the many positive aspects that come along with the use of Valiryo, one of those we are especially proud of is its contribution to a healthier environment. It is something that we at Valiryo Technologies attach great importance to – and that has played a major part ever since the development of our innovative product. In fact, one of our main goals was to create an eco-friendly product that was able to contribute to both people’s wellbeing and energy saving.

In October, we celebrate the World Energy Saving Day as well as the International Day Against Climate Change. What better time, so we thought, to briefly recapitulating on Valiryo’s environmental benefits?

How exactly does Valiryo contribute to preserving the environment?

In a nutshell: Valiryo introduces a completely new and natural way of body drying that essentially replaces the use of conventional towels. Avoiding the friction between towel and skin not only benefits its hydration and smoothness, it also prevents harmful bacteria and germs typically nested inside used towels from entering our bodies. And, most importantly in this regard: Where there are no used towels, there is no need for washing and reprocessing them either!

According to a study we have carried out using data from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE)[1], 78 liters of water are saved or no longer contaminated with soaps and detergents, respectively, every time a person uses Valiryo instead of a common towel.

Valiryo Body Dryer matt white
Valiryo has an efficient electric motor located in its upper casing.

What’s more: Valiryo is a real energy saver

Let us illustrate by looking at some very basic data: the energy consumption of washing a conventional towel in a washing machine is approximately 0.38 kWh – give or take. If you decide to use a dryer in addition, this means another 0.65 kWh – adding up to a total of 1.03 kWh. In sharp contrast and thanks to its efficient electrical power plant, Valiryo’s energy consumption per use is a low as 0.143 kWh.

By making use of our revolutionary body dryer, we prevent 0.55 kg of CO2 from directly entering the atmosphere.

If you are already astounded by this, think of the difference Valiryo can make when widely installed in hotels, gyms and spas. That is, places in which the use and reprocessing of towels constitutes a great financial effort and, at the same time, devours massive amounts of energy.

What got us at Valiryo motivated to start this project many years ago is what keeps us going in the present – and what lets us look towards a bright future every day.

Valiryo contributes to a healthier environment. Good for you – and our planet.

Valiryo Eco-friendly body dryer
Valiryo is an eco-friendly company that has taken this aspect into account throughout the development of its body dryer

[1] IDAE is a public business entity attached to the Ministry for Ecological Transition in Spain.

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