Discover its greatest features

Move on to a more comfortable and efficient drying option, one which is more pleasant on the skin and which enables to reduce levels of moisture in the bathroom and the effort and cost dedicated to washing and drying towels on a regular basis.

Adjustable temperature and intensity

Valiryo® Body Dryer drying temperature is up to 21º C higher than the ambient temperature. The control panel features 16 different working functions which Valiryo® will memorise for the next use.

Installable inside or outside the shower

Valiryo® body dryer can be installed both on a flat wall and in the corner of the shower. It is 100 % waterproof and features an IP35 protection rating.

Muscle relaxation and skin care

Valiryo® prolongs the confort sensation of a hot shower and enhances muscle relaxation and skin smoothness thanks to the effect of warm air and the avoidance of towel roughness.

An efficient and uniform dry

Valiryo® is the most efficient body dryer on the market. The patented curved column with 23 air vents ensures a perfect dry at a uniform temperature from head to feet.

Saves and prevents the pollution of 78 L of water

Prevents the emission of 0,55 Kg CO2