Save by not having to wash bath towels

Move on to a more comfortable drying option

Enjoy a smoother skin

Save by not having to wash bath towels

Less effort and greater savings.

How many times a week do you have to load washing machines and dryers just with towels? Valiryo® completely replaces the bath towel, enabling you to do away with the inconvenience involved and reducing your consumption of water and electricity and costs in relation to washing products.

Moreover, you are helping diminish environmental impact by reducing the use and contamination of water and CO2 emissions.

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A Valiryo® use is ...


cheaper than
washing a towel

A more comfortable drying option

A more comfortable dryer with no dampness.

Eliminate the negative sensation of coming out of the shower into a cold environment. Valiryo® enables you to prolong the feeling of comfort provided by a hot shower and ensures a far better result than a towel, drying hard-to-reach areas such as you back more easily, while eliminating dampness and bad smells in your bathroom.

Enjoy a smoother skin

Take care of your skin when it is most exposed.

Valiryo® is the most pioneering innovation in the bathroom sector in recent years. The heat treatment ensures enhanced muscular relaxation and the warm air drying process leaves a far smoother skin. You will notice these improvements after the first dry.
The use of towels is not recommended for people with sensitive skin and may cause possible skin lesions due to friction.

Installation instructions

What type of installation do you want for your Valiryo®?


You would like to connect it to the power network so there is no visible cabling

This is the best option if you wish to install Valiryo® in the shower. We recommend you use a professional installer in this case.


You would like to have it connected to an existing plug in your bathroom

If you wish to install Valiryo® in the shower we should remind you there are no plugs in showers. You have to extend the cable to the nearest external plug.

Assembling Valiryo®

Assembling Valiryo® is extremely simple in both types of installation. All the assembly instructions are included in the installation kit which comes in the Valiryo® box.
In the event you have lost the instructions or wish to familiarise yourself with all the steps before buying your Valiryo®, you can download the Instructions Manual using the following link: